Before I die I want to live!

Gawler Council has been great using the Before I Die wall in its various forms for public events. Saturday we set it up in its 4-sided trailer mode for the Artisan Fair. Am liking the idea that I am entangling death and life in my everyday these days. It is normal for Shane and I to hook up the Before I Die trailer and drive it somewhere for the day. We set it up next to the face painter, who was also the same women who did the face painting at Mel’s recent Hens night – small world.

We were placed beside the playground which I was excited about – a busy thoroughfare would pass by the wall during that day: 10am to 4pm. It was a glorious day weatherwise as the pics show. So a good turn out was expected. In fact comments were made about the Fair being the reason there was less turn out at the Farmers Marker. Maybe next time the the Fair could be adjacent to the Farmers Market in Pioneer Park.

We strolled around the stalls and I enjoyed keeping an eye on the wall and watching people engaging with it – reading what others have written and then leaving there own comments.

Some poignant comments were left:
Before I Die I want to …
… Come out to my parents
… See my Dad
… Visit my 98yo aunt in Wales before she dies
… live!

I noticed that the comments were more thoughtful compared to the Fringe crowd. The difference being this was during the day and no alcohol involved. I loved how kids felt empowered to grab the chalk and draw piccys.

The photos show all the comments that were made.